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Parenting Classes in McAllen, Texas

At McAllen Pregnancy Center in McAllen, Texas our parenting classes offer the best of both worlds to help you lay a foundation for successful parenting. One-on-one meetings with a Client Advocate, who help you set up a class schedule, meet with you for individual parenting training sessions and encourage you as a parent.



Professional Counseling

Family counseling and relationship counseling provided by a licensed counselor free of charge.
Professional counseling is available for mom, dad and family.

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Free material assistance during pregnancy and for parents with children under the age of 36 months. The free material assistance program is available for moms and dads. Items include: clothing, toiletries, diapers, wipes, and baby items.

Also, if you take our parenting classes, you will earn additional points to spend in the Baby Boutique. Classes and resources are offered at no cost to you.


Our baby boutique is open to all moms and dads pregnant and/or with babies under 36 months.

To receive a baby basket, please download the PDF above, fill out the form and submit it down below. We will contact you as early as possible with a pickup date. Thank you!

Request for Material Assistance
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